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Dr. Ranjit Singh

I am Dr. Ranjit Singh, best Knee Replacement Surgeon at Amritsar, Punjab. I am currently senior consultant and surgeon with EMC and Nayyar Hospital and has an excellent amount of experience of about more than 12000 knee replacement surgeries.

My team of specialists and compassionate workforce have faith in providing care which is initialed to each patient’s exclusive requirements. We dedicate ourselves to in offering excellence services in Orthopedics, Sports Medicine- Orthopedics and Adult Reconstructive Orthopedics in Amritsar and at other cities of Punjab.

Dr Ranjit Singh has worked as Senior consultant in World Renowned Shalby Hospital Ahmedabad and Fortis Escorts Hospital Amritsar

Extremely skillful, trained, experienced and expert Dr. Ranjit Singh does his best to offer a state of an art & constant patient care services. Some of his cures and procedures comprises of Reconsideration of joint replacement of lower edge, not somewhere else classified, Arthrodesis of hip, Ankle Arthroscopy, Arthrodesis of knee, Disarticulation of knee, Division of joint capsule, ligament, or cartilage, knee, Closed reduction of dislocation of knee, Knee Reconstruction, Knee Examination, Minimally Invasive Total Knee Arthroplasty, Finger Dislocation Joint Reduction, Joint Reduction, Shoulder Dislocation, Mobilization of other joints, Minimally Invasive Total Hip Arthroplasty and many more orthocare services. Dr. Ranjit Singh is the best surgeon who has created historical records through his expertise treatments and surgeries.

His INNOVATIVE NO ERROR technique to his credit. His this innovation made knee replacement painless and bloodless with 100% success rate. This procedure consists a very small cut on knee. He was awarded for the year 2018-19 as Amritsar Entrepreneur and Excellence Awards. 

Explore site of Dr Ranjit Singh to know more about his services, get trustworthy health statistics & connect with us promptly. You can ask us health queries or consult with us distantly & securely. I look frontward to meet, notify and serve you devotedly in your health & well-being requirements.

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